Eurobike 2013: Crema Cycles Steel Road

Look, Eurobike is hella Euro and fluoro. I’m not interested in Cube’s offerings, or other large batch bike. I want to see how the smaller shops and distributors are tackling one of the most elusive offerings: the production steel road bike.

Crema Cycles seems to have their solution going in the right direction. Take this Columbus and True Temper mixed road frame. My size, Campagnolo 11, ENVE and Chris King throughout.

This bike is straight forward, lightweight and elegant without being ostentatious. So is there a down side? Not really. Other than I’d like to see one or two nice details to separate this frame from the rest out there but that’s always the challenge.

The Crema bikes look very simple. Something you’d not only travel with, but not cringe about locking up, depending on the build kit (those wheels!). That’s something I can appreciate. Check out more of this very nice bicycle in the Gallery!

  • recurrecur

    Every time I see one of those cranks I think:

    “did I have too much to drink last night, or is that chainring an oval?”

    • Harry

      Rotor Q-rings. Probably the only thing I’d want to change about this bike. I see the Antares 00 is getting a lot of love at Eurobike too. Best saddle Ive ever ridden!

  • Jeff

    Absolut perfect proportions. Sick color and schweeeet
    build. Love the direction Crema is heading..

  • Ian Stone

    That carbon fork looks perfect on that steel bike! Love it.

  • Eric Baumann

    gorgeous bike for sure…but whats with the eggbeaters?

    • prolly

      What exactly are you looking for in an answer to that?

    • I mean, why are you asking that? Looking for some deep insightful answer? ;-) The owner likes to ride MTB pedals on his bike…

      • Eric Baumann

        they just immediately jumped out at me as being out of place on such a nicely appointed bike…figured on a road bike, built to beyond race spec, at a bike show, would have road pedals…thats all. i was also hoping to enjoy a deep insightful answer, but i spose those are better left to the readers wondering what kinda of rust is on that dumpster ;P

        • The owner rides a lot of gravel roads and likes MTB shoes over ruining road cleats.

          Oh and German piss rust! ;-)

          • Eric Baumann

            haha fair enough! the build just struck me as uber-roadie so seeing eggbeaters on there kinda threw me off, aint no thang, REALLY nice bike regardless…as if that was ever up for debate.

    • Simon Scholz

      Must be Ken Bloomer’s Cyclocross Background:
      It’s his bike…

  • Richard Smith

    Definitely one of the prettiest. Bang-on proportions, and it’d match my All-City Macho Man beautifully.

  • Jake Ricker

    So into this!

  • Jamie McKeon

    hot stuff