Eurobike 2013: Argonaut Cycles Road

It’s been a long two years for Ben from Argonaut Cycles but if he’s learned anything along the way it’s this: hard work and dedication pay off. In a lot of ways, the Argonaut Cycles road bike embodies the height of carbon fiber manufacturing. While this bike in particular might look like others that have been on the site, countless, minute changes have gone into making it unique. The design process and the final product are always improving.

Manufacturing in the USA allows Ben to tweak the layup process and continuously offer his clients the best carbon fiber road frame. Ben’s a good friend and personally, I’m very partial to Argonaut, so I took this bike out of the Eurobike tradeshow to photograph it. See more in the Gallery!

13 responses to “Eurobike 2013: Argonaut Cycles Road”

  1. AttackCowboy says:

    Red, white and blue by way of carbon fiber black; I like it.

  2. Keith Gibson says:


  3. Eric Baumann says:

    nice! diggin the color treatment, also the gigantic DT logo…normally not a fan of IN YOUR FACE branding but I think it works pretty well here, fills the space(tube) perfectly. very cool bike.

  4. mtbmtbmtb says:

    still trying to figure out how this guy makes any money.

  5. Mike Kimbro says:


  6. wunnspeed says:

    I saw and fondled this bike…. it’s beautiful! Ken at Crema Cycles has put together an amazing lineup of bikes for people to choose from and this one is definitely a favorite of mine.

  7. Michael Wilson says:

    is there a desktop resolution of the last photo?

  8. Dan Paulson says:

    Wow, my exact dream build… Speechless. If it weren’t for that whole N+1 thing….damn.