Cult’s Talk is Cheap Full DVD Online Aug 25, 2013

I was at the premiere of Cult’s Talk is Cheap DVD here in Austin and could not believe my eyes for most of it. The crowd’s response was very much the same. After I got the DVD, I watched it multiple times and now, the full video is online, thanks to Cult. Check it out above.


  • Omar Parker

    And thank you for posting this.

  • thetroof

    I wonder how many daily active users you lose just from giving shout outs to TCU and posting FGFS videos when you clearly don’t have any content for the day?

    • I don’t know what you’re inferring but I’ve always posted BMX and FGFS on the site. If I lose “daily active users” then they haven’t been visiting the site long enough to be considered daily and they need to lighten up. It’s not about a lack of content, it’s about sharing rad shit.

      Lose your edge dude.