Cycles d’Autremont Porteur

The tale of Hubert d’Autremont is an interesting one, but that story will be told another day. Instead, I’ll start the coverage of this unique craftsman off with the bike that he rides the most, this Cycles d’Autremont porteur.

I don’t know why, but I really love the aesthetic of porteurs, especially when they’re owned by a builder. A road bike, mountain bike or randonneur all have very specific uses, but a porteur implies a certain utilitarian aesthetic. Grocery getter, errand runner, bar bike and even quick morning mountain jaunts. A well-rounded bike like this is bound to log more miles than the other arrows in the quiver.

Burlington, Vermont isn’t exactly SoCal, and inclement weather is no stranger in the Green Mountain state, so a fully-fendered bike with integrated lighting quickly becomes an essential tool in these parts. Elegant but rugged, Hubert’s own porteur is exactly that. Like any detail-oriented (i.e. obsessive) artist tends to create, this piece of work just appears effortless… See for yourself in the Gallery!

  • Ham Sandwich

    if that dude was a bike, he would totally be that bike.

  • Ted Barbeau

    I’m in the market for a porteur-style front rack. Is that a one-off?

  • Emlyn Walters

    nice and dirty just like it should be

  • aeriolabehaviour

    very, very nice.

  • Jamie McKeon

    The best

  • .,`

    both cable hangers are beautiful. the one up front took me a long time to find. well worth it, the back side has the steer tube diameter stamped on it, 25,4. is the rear a custom made one?

  • David Sipeos

    Lets get a parts list! Looking forward to those tires, rims, handlebars, levers, and fenders!

  • kasual

    those canti mounted dc700s are very very nice