Baum Cycles: Black and Arctic Silver Turanti Disc Cross Aug 23, 2013

Baum-disc-01 copy

Even if you’re not into disc brakes on cross bikes, you’ve gotta admit, that’s one Beautiful Bicycle! Head over to the Baum Flickr for more! I betcha it feels like riding a piece of surgical equipment. So good.

  • Jack Luke

    Something about the way Baum shoot their bikes makes them seem like a 3d render. I can’t put my finger on what it is and as a photographer I find this deeply distressing.

    • Don’t stress Jack, it’s not your technique, it’s the Baum speaking to you :D

    • ZianStudios

      Looks like they are shooting with high dynamic range

      • Jack Luke

        Naah, it’s not all gritty and horrible looking like HDR. I think it’s just a real even diffused light that’s been reflected a ton as the shadows are very well controlled. Then they’ve been selective with the way they’ve saturated the image. Odd looking, but probably very simply.

        • Mike

          Most likely this is a single large softbox with 1200w strobe, set from one of the upper corners.

  • odenator

    What’s the rationale for wanting disc brakes on mtb’s but not cross bikes? Curious as a roadie.

    • Richard Smith

      Looking at John’s photography, it looks like mostly he rides in perfect weather and catalogue conditions. Perhaps he’s not experienced the reduced braking power, horrible canti squeal and judder, and the grinding away of brake surfaces in three rides that those of us who ride in more temperate climates have. Proper hydraulic disc brakes on CX and gravel bikes seem like a godsend here in the UK, and a lot of us are eagerly awaiting Shimano’s offerings be released, because that SRAM stuff doesn’t really work here either!

      • I ride in all weather conditions and have never had a problem with cantis. I may live in Texas, but most of my bigger rides have been places with inclement weather.

        What on Earth did people do before disc brakes on cross bikes for decades? It’s marketing. Disc brakes were developed and have evolved around a flat bar / finger pull actuation, not a drop bar with brake levers.

        The contact surface of a MTB is much wider at the tires than it is at a road or cross bike.

        If discs are the answer, then why aren’t the euros on them yet? You know, the ones that win every cross race? You don’t have to completely stop in a race, ever. Besides, if it’s really shitty out, discs aren’t going to work any better than traditional brakes.

        All of the above are my reasons for not wanting disc brakes on my drop bar bikes. That and I’ve never, ever had issues with my Paul touring cantis and the stock pads.

        • odenator

          thanks John!
          And seeing as how you’ve ridden so much in SF I know you know what fog can do to your brakes ;)

  • Richard Smith

    This bike is so beautiful I could weep!