AWOL and the Transcontinental Trailer Aug 27, 2013

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a touring video that has gotten me more pumped than this one. All I gotta say is the full-length is going to be so rad…

Have you been following the AWOL project?

See you tomorrow Erik!

  • Jamie McKeon

    i will probably watch this every hour today in the office.

  • kasual

    fuck, that’s so ugly in that opening sequence, but it just makes you want to get out there even more. looking forward to seeing this. I didn’t even know specialized had a real touring bike in the line up…

  • odenator


  • Kerry Nordstrom


  • Mo Shizzle

    Pure BikeSnobNYC bait.

    • Eben couldn’t hang.

      • Mo Shizzle

        Haha. Touche.

  • PNT


  • Raymond Walker

    I was on the fence on whether or to praise or make fun of this, but I flipped a coin and I’m going with the latter…

    No offense, but dude needs to chop up on his bike handling skills, ditch the tri-dork bars, get a better rain jacket and some fucking gloves (or maybe don’t ride in a downpour,) and get some mtn gears. Know your terrain before trekking, especially if you’re gonna drop more than a couple $K on your touring rig (or did Specialized not have a team of engineers on that?)

    PS: Totally BSNYC bait… dude woudln’t wanna lower himself to ‘hang’ with that scene.


    • hans

      aero bars make sense to some people on a touring bike when set up to combat a headwind, and they offer a position where you can give you hands a break. eating kettle chips in a downpour makes no sense to me though

      • So true, I had never seen aero bars used like that before I watched Ride the Divide, a majority of those riders had tri bars on their mtb rigs. With so many hours in the saddle, the more hand positions the better it seems.

      • jeff

        Yeah, just finished a transamerican tour, 4250 miles. you need as many hand positions as you can get when you’re carrying gear. And that crash stuff does happen. And where are you going to go if its in the middle of nowhere and starts to rain. ’tis the life of a tourer.

    • Tanner

      I hate to feed the trolls, but you obviously haven’t followed ‘E’ or done any research on this documentary/race/rider and have no context to add any of your complainy pants comments.
      How can you judge a rider from less than 2 minutes of footage?

      • Aaron

        Word. That is far from his first mountain. Or rainstorm.

    • Jamie McKeon


    • You’re an idiot.

      It was 100 degrees in the valley at Stelvio (where that climb footage was shot). He was in a jersey and burning up. Then, about a mile from the top, a windstorm hit with headwinds and rain. He had lost his gloves that morning and was in a bad place mentally. Ever done a transcontinental tour? Nope. Because you’re an idiot.


      Aerobars are used in endurance brevets like this. Again, idiot.

      He has an internal Alfine hub with a wider gear range than a triple.


      You’re an idiot.

      You’re an idiot.

      • rideendpoint

        Is this more just joking?

  • Cani Sciolti

    I follow AWOL ever since. Great project and beautiful trailer! But the opening crash looks totally staged to me. But yeah, it’s fun.

    • Def not staged. It’s called freezing and bonking. You guys are such haters! Get over it and just be stoked. Is it that hard?

      • Richard Smith

        We’re all just being pricks because we hate seeing other people living out our dreams whilst we’re stuck at our boring, frustrating 0900-1800 jobs with very time off to ride, and nowhere near enough dough to finance adventure beyond where we can ride to after work and before going home to cook and clean and try to scrape enough pennies together to pay the rent and do the grocery shop and buy the kids birthday presents and blah blah blah


        • btdubs

          Some of us are working in the bike industry, surrounded by dope bikes all day, doing the same exact thing, wishing we made enough money to actually buy the bikes we’re marketing. Perspective, bro.

      • Cani Sciolti

        Sorry, didn’t mean to hate. I said I follow and appreciate AWOL and I live and ride on the Alps and I only guessed that crash was just a joke for the camera. But definitely no hate from me.

    • Aaron

      That happens and you’d know if you ever pushed yourself.

  • Spencer Olinek


    (This looks awesome.)

    • Jamie McKeon

      never read.