Well That Was Fun #GoYonder Jul 19, 2013




If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably figured out that we made it. It was tough, but fun. For such a large group to finish the ride without any major issues made it even more enjoyable.

The State of Jefferson, at least what we saw of it, truly is mythical. We ended up totaling 233 miles and over 17,000′. In true Brovet spirit, we stopped a lot, swam in rivers, streams, waterfalls and dirt napped when necessary. We flew down frontage roads, chattered our teeth on ruts, lost water bottles, found water bottles, avoided rattle snakes and drank lots of water…

More to come, but for now, catch up on some more photos on my Instagram, where I’ve linked to all the accounts who were also on the ride.

  • Ian Stone

    Did you take those with your RX100?

  • hans

    cool man! those are great photos on instagram. nothing beats an unfolding open road, and the time spent straying off it is the time remembered. you roll on the jack brown Blue tires right? The run the Green model (with lighter casing and no puncture resistance) and am curious if you’ve ridden both and can compare the two? geekhouse looks great with mud on it!