Trackosaurus Rex: All-City Thunderdome Prototype Jul 5, 2013



Photos by Kyle Kelley

I really admire what Jeff is doing over at All-City. In short: it’s true grassroots support. His sponsored riders get to test out products and provide PR&D before the final run gets made. Take this All-City Thunderdome prototype Kyle from Tracko shot photos of. Head over to his Flickr for more!

  • TIME on track bikes feels so good!

  • Paris Samuel France

    i love that color. ICEY!

  • Pooky McPookums

    MADE IN AMERI.. oh, wait… STEEL IS REA.. oh, sorry…

    Kidding.. I love my AC and I give Jeff kudos for always making me feel STRANGER DANGER.

  • SAM

    This is the first time I’ve found those pedals attractive. great shot!

  • Jamie McKeon

    The peace sign makes this post!