The Dodelta Jul 24, 2013


The Campagnolo C-Record Delta brake is one of the most beautiful components to ever grace the history of cycling. While some wrenches claim they’re shit, other, more pedigreed mechanics love their unique center pull braking mechanism. Which brings me to the Dodelta. Commentary on the brake, or the user? You decide…

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  • FireFly

    Love KCE.

  • miles whitmore

    Seems like an obvious commentary on a brake that went “the way of the dodo” for good reason. An overcomplicated and heavy design that requires more maintenance for less performance. A classic example of function taking a backseat to form for no worthwhile reason.

  • Sofubi Shogun

    Love Delta’s for the looks but does anyone really think of them as a great brake? Workable sure, but great?