Surly Introduces the New Straggler Disc Cross Jul 26, 2013


The world is going bonkers for disc brakes on drop-bar bikes and Surly is leading the way. While I’m not sold on the fad, I will say this bike looks sick. Here’s the word from Surly:

“…the Straggler, Surly’s long overdue disc brake equipped cross bike. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that it’s got disc brakes. Good, now that we got that out of the way let me point out a couple more things that make it stand apart from our venerable CrossCheck. The rear dropouts have been totally redesigned with a couple things in mind – Disc brakes, rear derailleur, single speed, and ease of wheel removal. The Straggler frame & fork is also ED coated to help to improve the life of your frame. The Straggler fork is using the Long Haul Trucker dropouts, mid blade & crown eyelets to accommodate a wide verity of fenders and racks.  A complete build spec will be available on our website soonish.”

Throw some Bruce Gordon Rock n Road tires on that thing and rip away! Keep an eye on Surly for more updates.

  • btdubs

    Saw this bike coming for a while. These days apparently you’re not a bike company if you don’t have a drop bar disc brake bike… What I’m actually stoked on are the new Instigator, and especially the ECR. Fat tires = adventures.

  • Jason

    I rode this bike at Saddle Drive, and given my past experiences with discs on drop bar bikes I was prepared to be underwhelmed, but thanks to very smart spec (upgraded rotors and compressionless housing) this bike knocked my socks off!

    • Ace Metric Cycles

      I rode the Straggler at SaddleDrive as well, couldn’t agree more. Impressive ride for sure, the new 41mm Surly tire (forget model name but loos a little small block 8ish) was the perfect choice for the gravel road I climbed then bombed.

  • Kent Pomare

    wøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøø !

  • Patrick Brosé

    make the head tube longer so people don’t have to use tons of spacers as on the crosscheck…

    • You mean just make bigger sizes?

      • Richard Smith

        I think Patrick wants a taller front end, without a longer top tube. Nobody wants race geometry on a bike like this; they’re going to use it for leisure riding and commuting!

        • Patrick Brosé


  • Joe

    “The world is going bonkers for disc brakes on drop-bar bikes and Surly is leading the way” really?! they are like the last ones to the game. You know better than that. Did a speak-n-spell put that statement together for you?