Recent Roll: The Dude Room Jul 10, 2013



I love spaces like this, especially from someone who rides bikes. Artistic artifacts, scrawl, illustrations, bike components and just stuff, plastered all over the walls. Can anyone guess who’s “Dude Room” this is?

Tools of the trade:
Leica M7 / Zeiss 28mm t*
Neopan 400

  • Jamie McKeon

    someone extremely #fixiefamous

  • ZianStudios

    dude chas

  • jyim

    notchas… get it?

  • Dan

    a teenager that’s really into bikes?

  • Ian Stone

    That’s a sweet Red Fang sticker!

  • Chupilovesbubs

    Mike Giant! #rebel8

  • Bajuri

    Kamar gue lebih asik daripade ini, lo aje kagak pernah maen tempat gue.