Recent Roll: Lights Out SF! Jul 8, 2013


On my last night in SF, I hopped up to the top of the biggest hill I could find and waited for the fog to envelop Sutro as the sun was setting like it so often does. I shot a few 35mm and medium format photos, but these were my favorite. I really do love that city.

See more below!


See larger here

Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm / Pro 400H
Leica M7 / Zeiss 28mm t* / Pro 400H

  • FireFly

    Love it.

  • sprint4burritos

    I’d put that top print on my wall. Beautiful work dude. Reminds me of the finest sprints for the finest burritos.

  • ZianStudios

    Seriously John, I want a copy of that middle print