Recent Roll: Chas and His Cinelli Mash Jul 3, 2013


My friends in San Francisco are the best. They’re all hustlers in their own perspective professions and regardless what people say about the “Cali” lifestyle, they’re always on the grind. When he’s not running traveling the world racing, he’s running his company, TCB Courier with a handful of other like-minded individuals. Call him many things: “freshly shaven”, entrepreneur, #fixiefamous, whatever, this dude is living the dream.

I stayed with Chas for over a week the last time I was visiting and out of everything I shot on my trip, these three photos of him riding that green Cinelli Mash prototype track frame are some of my favorites. All shot from a moving bicycle…

Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Kodak Portra 400

See two more below!



  • thassright

    is he riding clipless, brakeless…with vans on?

    • Adam Miller

      Nope, those look like Chrome’s SPD-compatible shoes to me.

      • They’re regular vans and he’s pedaling on top of Time Atac pedals. He was only going a few blocks. I do that all the time.

        • Adam Miller

          I stand corrected. The red tag threw me off.

    • Ruel // YLM

      treding is a way of life around here when you’re just cruising around

    • btdubs

      The real question is how do people still ride in cutoff jeans all day? I get saddle sores just thinking about it…

      • How is it any different than riding in jeans? I’ve never had a saddle sore from either.

  • Simplicityofjoy

    Everytime this bike appears on your site I fall in love, again and again. Cant explain why, its “just” a Mash, must be the colour or the many rides that it tells you about instantly.

  • John Mickaël BRIGADIER

    Anyone knows what model and brand is the messenger bag that can be seen on photos with the big 187 numbers ?

  • Liam

    Hell yeah this is sick Prolly! I’ll try and chill out.

    • We’re all riding bikes. Let’s be friends!

  • Dave

    dem calves

  • Certainly an inspiration to people in other cities tryin to rock the same hustle.

  • Simplicityofjoy

    …does anyone know what Ritcheys his handlebars are? I like the drop.

    • IrwannCheng

      that’s a shimano pro PLT drop

  • …still wishing Cinelli would have offered the frame in this colour.