NYC Street Snaps 01

Without New York City, I wouldn’t be who I am today and quite possibly, this site wouldn’t even exist. The people here are like family and while I may be detached from their day to day lives, I still always roll through for a quick visit when I’m in town. Lauren and I arrived late Sunday, so yesterday was our first day in town.

I swung by a few spots in Brooklyn after my friend Harry and I took a morning spin around Central Park. Later, day turned into night and I turned to some of my old digs to meet up with some old friends. Beer, bros and bikes. Just like the Brooklyn I left three years ago.

Most of these photos are quick shots, or portraits but all came from the Sony RX100… Check out some narrated photos in the Gallery!

  • odenator

    Looks like a fun trip. What’s with all the fixed bikes sporting pedals without foot retention?

    • jon john

      I ride fixed without foot retention here in NYC. Honestly, I just don’t
      go fast enough to need any. Have been doing it for a few
      years now without a single issue. My urban racing days are behind me.

      • odenator

        Makes sense.
        I guess I forget how flat NYC is too… Just not possible out here in SF.

        • jon john

          Hah, yeah. I’d definitely have straps in SF. Don’t know how you guys do it but much respect. NYC is flaaat.

  • quesofrito

    that’s a cool photo of my rossman . . . oh wait.

  • pipokun

    dope shots! did you retouch them? digging the RX

  • jamesmcnally

    nice shots dude, would love to ride next time your in the city. bench in #45 is where i eat lunch every day :)

  • Ivan Arsenyev

    So fuckin amazing pict