My Friends at Cuppow and the BNTO Jul 13, 2013

This is way outta left field but my dear friends at Cuppow (who happen to design the 44rn chainrings) released a new product called the BNTO. It’s really quite ingenious, especially if you like Ball mason jars.

… and yes, this is me just helping some rad people out. Nothing more!

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    it’s your website iznit?

  • Casey C.

    Absolutely genius.

  • meep

    Bell Mason Jars

  • Joergen G. Trepp

    yogurt cup.

  • Alexander Tauras

    Neato. Will have to pick a few up.

  • aarn

    love ya!

  • Tony McCue

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing