Morvélo and Chickens Frame Emporium Jul 11, 2013

Morvélo spent some time with Jon from Chickens Frame Emporium:

“The best things in life are often simple. Riding a bike for example. Grabbing your wheels at the end of a day’s work and heading out for a quick rip, the good old fashioned way. There are times to push your limits but more importantly there are times where all you need is that simple joy of just getting out there.

We had the pleasure of filming this with Jon from Chickens Frame Emporium. As well as making beautiful steel frames from his shipping container workshop, his own bike tells a hundred stories. The worn grips and ripped saddle show that this bike has seen more action than most. Using the first frame he ever made, it’s still going strong. He’s too busy making everyone else’s dream bike to tend to his own but it still takes him on those all important blasts to clear his mind and focus on his next frame building project.”

  • kermitonwheels

    That’s what it’s all about. This really made me smile.