Golden Saddle Cyclery Kit Redux Jul 23, 2013


Kits, kits and more kits. The GSC kit redux is now available for pre-order. Check out more information at Tracko and pre-order yours here.

  • Jamie McKeon

    Those bibs are way better but I like the older jerseys more!

    • Ian Stone

      I was hoping for a white one so I could tie-dye it.

      • Traditional tie-dye won’t work on the italian tech fabrics, FYI…

  • David M

    Sweet kit. Based on the size chart, I seem to be in between sizes M – L on the bibs. Any suggestions on bibs sizing? This will be my first kit made by Endo. Also, know if the jerseys race cut? Thanks.

    • Jerseys are race cut, as are the bibs. I wear a Large in both (down from a XXL in the bibs and an XL) – Large is tight on me, but it’s better than having them too loose.

  • Laura

    I really want this kit but it’s proving hard to find!! Am I too late?