Fixed Gear London: Fixed Only Death to Roadies Shirt Jul 8, 2013

FixedOnly_DTR_01 FixedOnly_DTR_02

Fixed Gear London has some new shirts up for pre-order:

“Fixedgearlondon did not originate from a cycling background, most of us are skateboarders through and through. Fixed Only and Death to Roadies is our take on the original DogTown warning slogans  Locals Only and Death to Valleys. We associate with this attitude more than any existing attitude in cycling.”

I grew up at the beach with the best break for miles and skated street, so I know all about this territorial mentality, but I also embrace cycling as a whole. The city streets are far from being the same as a crowded break during the rise of surfing in southern California but you gotta hand it to Andy for putting out the shirt. If anything, it’ll get a chuckle from friends!

  • Terry Cloth

    2008 wants their shirts back

    • Crihs


  • Hunter Garrison

    Wannabes. They aren’t the Z-Boys and the more people that are on bikes the better it is for everyone. Inclusive > exclusive

  • Cody Baker


  • NY’er

    Seriously? Lighten up fellas. If you feel there’s a rift out on the road, why don’t you try saying “hello” or “how’s it going?” to your fellow cyclists once in while. We are all in this together

  • Winn Deburlo

    I’m pretty sure the z-boys wouldn’t pay $35.00 for a t-shirt.

  • Dan

    Z-boys of cycling – try hard much?

  • Mantle

    I guess what with the Tour coming to Yorkshire and cycling generally becoming really mainstream as a whole in the uk they’re trying to distance themselves from the masses and retain some feeling of being in a subculture. I ride fixed gear, road bikes AND still skate, in fact what’s funny about this is I thought skaters nowadays took the piss out of the whole fixed gear thing much as we did about roller bladers in the 90s. Funny.

    • It’s pretty easy to remain a subset without being aggressive though.

      • Mantle

        Yep, it’s pretty lame

  • Tom

    Hahahaha! I don’t mind fixie riders till I see one in this shirt. What a fad lets ride TRACK bikes on the street with no breaks cause that will make us cool.