Firefly Bicycles: Circles Upon Circles Jul 30, 2013


I feel like today’s Beautiful Bicycles are sporting some of the most outrageous finishing jobs. First that Death Spray track bike and now this Firefly light-touring bike. Keep in mind, this is only one angle and you can’t even see all the insane detailing (masking hell!). In order to do that, you’ll have to go to the Firefly Flickr!

  • Ryan Kennedy

    Just gorgeous.

  • Sofubi Shogun

    Must own Death Spray Custom painted steed!

  • Tommy Tank

    This bike was designed for the baby Jesus himself to tour Bethlehem. I want one! or 3…

  • Maynard

    Cannondale Peparoni fork?

  • Ahem

    Nice! That’s a paint job by Jay Nutini, who paints for Circle A and a ton of other builders…

  • cincinnatus

    Stefan R is already out touring it! It’s built beautifully.