Factory 5: Prototype Track Chainring Jul 26, 2013


The crew at Shanghai-based Factory 5 are some talented folks. They’ve been working on designing, developing and fabricating track bike goods in China. For them, it’s actually quite an easy task because they live just miles from the factories. One of their recent developments is this precision CNC milled, intricate dual-plane lattice cutout, prototype 7075 aluminium track chainring that weighs less than 80g.

So solid guys! I’ll post more once they’re available.

  • wow that’s nuts!

  • A work of art. So cool.

  • Ian Stone

    I neeeeeed this

  • Maxwell Merkle

    That rules so hard.

  • Curtis Odom

    This is nicely done. From a production standpoint there is a lot of machine time here.

  • Devin Jones

    three words: bolt circle pattern…