Cycling WMD: Prototype Reefer Rack Jul 22, 2013


Alan from Cycling WMD ups the ante with his latest creation: the Reefer Rack. Like his Hail Satan Porteur, this jammin’ creation is hand made in Alan’s studio. Each tube is mitered and welded together to form the shaka and the pot leaf. Personally, I think this is fucking incredible…

So, how much for one? You guessed it: $420. See more at Cycling WMD.

  • Noel Smith

    Jeez.. that’s nothing short of artistry! too bad he’s down to 1 post a month, I used to love that blog.. (and what’s with the colour? since when was weed yellow?)

  • BAM

    I do like the concept, but It is kinda ugly isn’t it? A bit too much to say the least. And co-sign on the color comment from the other dude, why yellow?

  • Wade Stevens

    needs to be Jah Blessed tri-color fade!

  • fhyuiosaogfhas

    $420 for a rack you cant even put anything on

    Oh how I hate botique bikes.

    • It’s a porter rack. You put a bungie cable / net to hold stuff down.

    • adam_perin

      Then don’t buy it fuck tard.

  • Jake Ricker

    I’ve never even smoked weed and I want one! :)

  • mat Terwilliger

    Opinions are like assholes..everybody has one ….and they are usually full of shit….on that note …fuck yourselves and your nit picking…I mean what part of PROTOTYPE do people*(*whom I’m sure believe are of some higher level of intelligence ..with a keen eye for detail) not understand…WHATS UP WITH THIS?!WHATS UP WITH THAT?!YELLOW!? MEOW!MEOW!MEOW!?….OMG!

    • Noel Smith

      welcome to the internet. meow.