Cool Mornings and the Endo Vest Jul 25, 2013




It’s been in the 50’s every morning up in the mountains of Vermont where I’m staying even though last week it was in the upper 90’s. As I was packing for this trip, at the last minute, I grabbed my Endo Customs wind vest and tossed it into my duffle. This one in particular is the Tracko splinter camo design, which came out ridiculously rad.

The thing about vests is they keep your core warm, without overheating you like a jacket and they’ll pack away into a jersey pocket with ease. The Endo vests have three pockets, vented sides and a large zipper pull that’s easily found through full finger gloves. I’ve only used it a few times and I’ve got no complaints. It fits better than other gilets or vests I’ve used, especially when coupled with Endo kits.

Really, the only bummer is, you can’t buy it direct from Endo, you have to wait until someone sells a design as part of a kit. Winter is coming and I think I’ve got a pretty rad idea for my next kit run, so stay tuned!

  • Sean Hunter

    how much do full endo kits usually run? 3 bills?

  • custom giro lx lf gloves…nice

    • James Bolton

      They were a First Friday offering from Giro a few months back. I swooped ’em and they’re the tits.

  • John, how do you wash this? This is my first Endo product I’ve owned (definitely not my last)

    • Normal wash, don’t dry. The vest has care instructions…

  • Matthew Arcand

    I hope your rad idea includes thermal and not so thermal skin suits for us ‘cross addicts!