Cadence: Limited Oakmoss Trousers Jul 24, 2013


I really love the Cadence trousers. They’ve got enough stretch to them, they feel great on and off the bike, are made in the USA and very affordable. Cadence just received stock of these reliable trousers in a limited run of Oakmoss.

Swoop up a pair at Cadence.

  • Maxwell Merkle

    Did I miss something? Since when is $100 affordable for a pair of jeans ;)

    They look pretty nice though

    • Auaebothiabathabaithobeuee

      You missed the ‘Made in the USA’ part.

    • Sofubi Shogun

      I’ll gladly pay $100 for American made and these pants last. Compared to Levi made in the USA prices, this is cheap.

    • Jamie McKeon

      [everyone is] so sick of these comments

  • DbD

    looks like a double awkward boner. cool jeans though.

  • dontcoast

    love ’em but they are waaay low on my butt when I’m on the bike (well the ones I have(over 1 year old)-just wear em with boxers you wanna show off if youre not wearing a long top :D

    • Are those the Trousers or the older jeans? These don’t sit as low… I couldn’t wear the jeans.

  • Adam Carter

    if you’re bitching about $100 being in the affordable category, you must have a very typical body shape, find jeans that fit you well and look impeccable with the greatest of ease, and/or have never worn a pair of cadence trousers.

    i’m used to spending $180+ to find jeans that fit my oversized calves and plump toucus. these pants have an allocation for both.