Brian Vernor: Hahn Rossman The Wild One Jul 10, 2013

Photo by Brian Vernor

One of the people associated directly with Yonder Journal is Hahn Rossman but that’s only one of the many projects Hahn is involved with. He’s a contributor for Bicycle Quarterly, a Rapha Continental rider and a seemingly endless supply of ride knowledge. Oh and he’s an accomplished frame builder. All from a Philly native.

Vernor shot this photo of Hahn on a “ride” and it’s gotta be one of my favorite “ride” photos to date. Although, I hope someone got in the river…

Next week, I’m heading out with Hahn and a few other individuals to #GoYonder once again. I can’t wait!

  • blasdelf

    That’s the original road up to Monte Cristo, the old townsite even has a big bike rack because so many mountaineers use bikes to haul their gear in the 5 miles from Barlow Pass.

    The main bridge washed out years ago but that log has sufficed so far, the rad old dudes that maintain the remaining buildings have an extra-narrow old Land Rover with a snorkel for hauling their equipment in.

    Also you really don’t want to get *in* that river, there’s heavy contamination with arsenic, mercury, lead, and all sorts of other nasty heavy metals from the century-old mines. They’re starting reclamation this year, but it’ll get worse before it gets better, especially with them building a new road in for their dump trucks.