Natalia’s Igleheart SS MTB

San Francisco is out of control and not in a good way. Bike theft is at an all time high as the city continues to cope with a massive drug problem. Basically, your bike’s not safe unless it’s under your ass, being pedaled. Natalia had her race bag, shoes and this Igleheart singlespeed MTB “secured” within her car as it was parked in Noe Valley. Within minutes, her windows were smashed out and her bike was gone.

The next morning, Rai from Mission Workshop was riding past the BART station on 16th when he spotted it being pedaled by some random dude. He put out a call and had some friends go steal it back from some unsuspecting schmo who had bought it from the crackhead that stole it.

Now it’s safe and sound in Natalia’s possession, who races it for Chica Sexy in the Bay Area mountain bike circuits. It’s not everyday you see some Boston-area steel in SF, so I had to get some photos of it…

  • Davey Struthers

    coolest bike!

  • TomBremer

    It’s beautiful!

  • Terry Cloth

    Do King Cages mark up your bottles like plastic/carbon cages do?

    • ALL cages mark up your bottles. They’re bottles. It don’t matter! ;-)

      • Terry Cloth

        King Cage’s website says otherwise which is why i asked. Hate it when my fancy super limited water bottles get al scratched up after a few rides lol.

        • I’ve never used those cages in particular, so I don’t know.

          • Joshua Robot

            I just want my bottles to stay IN my cages.

          • You try “cold setting” them tighter? I only ride stainless on my MTB and cross bike for this reason. Ti on my road…

          • Joshua Robot

            Good idea.

        • arlcyclist

          All King Cages are “non-marking” but it’s not the cage that scuffs up the bottle, it’s the dirt, road grime, etc. Whether the cage is carbon fiber, plastic, ss, or ti, it’s going to get dirty and that dirt effectively acts like sandpaper between the bottle and cage. The non-marking aspect is nice but the main reason to buy King Cages is because they’re Made in America. That and they’re the best cages on the market.

    • Milin Balsara

      I’ve found the king cages to be significantly better than others with this issue. I think it’s because they don’t have any sharp edges, but if they’re dirty, they’ll spread that dirt around. A little Dr. Bronners will usually wash off the scruffy stuff that mountain bikes tend to get all over your bottles. I use the non scented version. YMMW.

  • Goog Smells

    San Francisco might be outta control, but it’s cool that you can put out a call and have a crew of cyclists swoop in and save the day.

  • What a beautiful bike. Keith Anderson painted this, right?

  • Eric Baumann

    dang! rigid 650b igleheart with segmented fork…im drooling, it doesnt get much better than this!

  • Ted Barbeau

    This might be my favorite bike you’ve profiled here in a long, long time. I have those old school Time pedals on my MTB too, still trucking after all these years! (BTW, this bike makes me want to start collecting SS parts under my fiance’s unsuspecting nose.)

  • Matt Good

    Portland* area steel now…

  • chiakaivalya

    Poor “unsuspecting schmo”. Don’t think stealing from him is rather fair…

    • Parker

      Thats why you don’t buy bikes from sketchy people. Not to mention the legal “buying stolen goods” issues…

      • Yep. Don’t buy a bike from some dude off the street and you don’t have to worry about it. Common sense.

  • Jorge Hernandez

    It’s great you come up with awesome mtb’s and not just fixed gear bikes! This bike is beautiful! Ride 650b wheels myself!

    Time pedals FTW!

  • odenator

    Super sweet bike. Hopefully the lesson was learned that a bike is never “secure” in an automobile. Crackheads will bash in your windows for just a bit of change they see in your center console. Something this beautiful and personal should never be left inside an auto. Breaking the window is so much quicker and easier for a would be bike thief than cutting through a U-lock.

  • Jamie McKeon

    Dat downtube graphic

  • Frankyiron

    Wow what an awesome ride..Glad you got it back its a beauty.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    King Cages mark the hell out of my bottles, specifically the white ones (Ten Speed Hero, I’m looking at you). That just means you ride your bike, tho.

  • natalia.h.g

    Hey!! Natalia here. Thanks for the sweet write up, my friend!

    Just wanted to set the record on a couple details: thankfully, my window wasn’t smashed; but, the lock was forced open with a shimmy. Turns out that’s not hard to do on a frameless door. Watch your old Subarus.

    Also, there was a lot of chaos that morning, but credit goes to Andres Ruiz (fellow teammate) for initially spotting the schmo and nabbing the bike. Rai at MW (also teammate!) then realized schmo would probably still have my other stuff and rallied a crew to go back for my bag. Both guys saved the day with their lightning reflexes. Unbelievable. Team Chica Sexy rolls tight!! XO.

    p.s. Frame was gumdipped by Parlee in Beverly, MA
    p.p.s. The cages mark the bottles a little bit if they’re dirty, but way less than with other cages I’ve used.

    <3 this bicycle. Thank you, Christopher Igleheart.

  • Doug M.

    Super drool. +1 for 650b, steel, rigid, single speed mountain bikes. Have a gen 1 Soma B-Side set up this way myself and it rips!

  • Velbain Neistat

    Gear ratio ?