Luke’s All-City Space Horse

Luke is one of my favorite people here in Austin because he’s a road racer that doesn’t appear to be a road racer. Stereotypes aside, Luke enjoys touring probably more than racing, but he still races road and cross. Most of which, end with him on or near the podium.

Living in Austin can overwhelm you sometimes with how competitive the road scene is, but there’s nothing better than leaving town to ride away for the weekend, which is where Luke’s All City Space Horse comes into play. He leaves his Mr. Pink behind (sounds dirty, huh?) and ventures out on this bike, fully loaded and ready to do nothing. Right now, it’s set up with a Pass & Stow front rack and a Freight porteur rack bag. Oh and a super bent Brooks!

It’s unfortunate that Luke broke his wrist during prime camping season here in Austin, so once the temperatures drop a bit, I’ll probably be spending some saddle time with him outside the city. Although I must admit, even though we’ll be touring or camping, I might have a hard time keeping up with this powerhouse…

Check out more photos of this well-seasoned bicycle in the Gallery.

  • Adam Miller

    “Tell you what, let me be Mr. Purple. That sounds good to me. I’m Mr. Purple.”

    Also, is that the inscription from the One Ring on his right arm?

  • What tires are those? Schwalbe Marathon Mondials?

    • 90% sure

    • Russell T. Pickavance

      Yes sir. The Mondials are an amazing all around tire. At higher pressure they have low rolling resistance and at lower presures give real bite in dirt and gravel. The have the Marathon flat protective layer and a slightl lighter sidewall to make them supple, and lighter.

  • aeriolabehaviour

    that Brooks is almost giving up its life

    • Sean Curran

      I really wish brooks could build the rails to last as long as the leather… I bent one, and also had a rail snap in less than a year on another, warranty was fast and good, but it kind of bugs me, but I will use them forever, maybe an excuse to try Ti?

      All these touring bikes are killing me, I’d love to build one.

  • I’ve got a Space Horse that I built up for bike camping and gravel. Great bike.

  • Samuel Chisholm

    Always love seeing a bike look complete with rider.

  • schue113

    Yea! Someone else who cuts their jean shorts super short and isn’t afraid to show off the porcelain skin.

  • Joe Lusk

    My Space Horse has those same tires(Marathon Mondials) and Longboard
    Fenders. Great tires that I’ve only ever pinch-flatted on during
    unwisely fast gravel desvents, and super effective fenders due to their
    extra length. The Space Horse has been a fantastic bike that’s seen me
    through endurance gravel races, tours through the snaking chip-n-seal
    and gravel roads of the Missouri Ozarks, day-in-day-out commuting
    car-fee in an car-dominated town, and through countless nights of debauchery on the mean streets of Springfield, Missouri.
    It really is the every bike, and I commend All-City for designing such a
    wonderful frame with such elegant detailing at a fair price. It’s great to see one built up right and thoroughly shredded featured on a world famous bike blog.

    • Cooper Mittelhauser

      Yo Joe! Cedar Cross ’13
      – Cooper

  • Luc

    He can probably just pull that saddle back to straight ish… mine seems to bend and get back pretty often.

  • Mike S

    dang hes cute

  • Leslie

    Mr. Luke Kalloch, heart-throb. Baby-blue All-City and those boots. Dang.

  • rich

    Which brooks saddle is this? thanks

    • B17

      • rich

        I just bought the space horse. Man the rack and bag looks sweet. Do you think its worth it to spend 450 plus for both of those items?

  • Sebastian

    Good to see someone else’s B17 is in as bad shape as mine. Haha.

  • itjustainthappening

    anyone know what drivetrain Luke is running on this?