Chris’ Icarus Road

When Ian at Icarus moved to Austin, Texas, I don’t think he anticipated working on this many local frames. Or that Chris would put down two deposits at once: a lightweight road bike and a fendered, touring / commuter. This is the first out of the queue, a modern, steel road bike with a matte paintjob and a few clean details. Nothing extravagant, but also nothing simple.

Chris is a father and he works full time, so riding is always a last minute, unplanned endeavor. He was looking for a little inspiration to sneak in an hour or two when he could and Ian built him just that. With a Zipp cockpit, seatpost, Chris King R45 to HED Belgium, Fizik Kurve saddle, Campy Chorus 11 speed and King Cage bottle cages, it’s up there in the “dream bike” category…

  • woah! that turned out perfect

  • Wade Stevens

    dear god yes

  • That’s a beauty. That seat cluster, bloody hell.
    On a side note, could one of you influential industry types tell the guys at Zipp that it’s spelled ‘Service Corse’ (as in ‘Racing Service’)…

    • Feral

      ‘Service Corse’ !
      Could prouve a hit in Corsica ;)

  • Steely Fan

    Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s modern or vintage steel, you clearly know how to pull off a tasty build. Well done Chris! Will you ever grow tired of that headbadge? Impossible.

  • Rick Saliga

    Holy shit, that is a dead sexy bike!


      • Suzanne Brock

        Hahaha I don’t know what this is in reference because the comment was deleted but I do know that I like it.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    That frame construction, gah!

  • chris campbell

    Thanks to Christian Hartwig at Division 1 for the build out. And a special thanks to Ian at Icarus for nailing the frame. Great pictures John!!!

  • Tim

    John, what’s your take on the Lizard Skin Tape? Feels great to the touch, but I’ve heard it doesn’t last very long. I don’t know anyone personally who’s put in miles on the stuff, so please chime in before I drop the $$. Thanks…

    • I ride it on all my bikes.

    • hans

      one of my bikes has had lizard skins 2.5mm for about six months and it holds up great i think, it’s a cross bike and i’ve crashed it several times too. good here in socal because it’s grippy even with sweaty hands

    • btdubs

      A little too grippy/squishy for my taste, even the thinnest 1.8 version. I prefer Fizik Microtex for a lightweight, long-lasting tape.

  • Steven Choi

    Gosh dang, the matte black with cerulean blue accents, like on those Argonaut Cycles going around, is quickly becoming my favorite colorway.

  • Molly

    ohhh that matte finish does it for me.

  • Spencer Olinek

    Sweet baby Jesus.