Brooklyn Machine Works 650B Hardtail

From a company whose name resonates in the NYC downhill and street scene comes a new bike model, suitable for the modern rider. If steel is real then Brooklyn Machine Works are as authentic as they come. BMW’s history lies heavily in tried and true mountain bikes, so it should be as no surprise that when Joe decided it was time to develop a few new models, one of the first on the agenda would be a 27″ or 650B.

This bike is literally 10 days fresh and it’s already been put through the works. Fresh off the mountain, I was able to not only photograph this beauty, but take it for a spin around the block. I’m a sworn 29’r rider, through and through but even I was impressed at the zippiness and tight, responsiveness of this Made in Brooklyn masterpiece.

Don’t let the mix of parts distract you, Joe wanted to ride it as soon as he could get it built up. With the tapered fork, even with the smaller diameter wheel size, the 650B comes in 9 ounces heavier than the 29’r. It’s still a prototype, so some specs are to be tweaked but I think it’s safe to say “so far so good”… Check out more in the Gallery.

  • btdubs

    Something along the lines of this bike is essentially what I’m looking for as the next MTB in my stable… Looks like a butt load of fun. A bike built for thrashing.

    • Sean Curran

      For me, riding bikes like this is the most fun I can have on a bike. Charging through the woods, loose and on flat pedals is like being a kid again. My bike is a 29er set up like the other BMW John posted yesterday. I’m trying to decide at the moment if I want to drop down to 650B, or get a 29er frame with better geo.

  • Alan Marshall

    mr watson, which one do you think you’ll grab? the 29er or 650b?

  • Jorge Hernandez

    This is why I love this site….Every ‘beautiful bicycle’ you post in one way or another captures what I like on a bike, either track, mtb or road!
    I’m a 650b rider myself so this obviously hit a few buttons, plus I’ve been a fan of BMW for quite some time. Nice AM build!

  • Harry

    So sick. 650b version looks like it has better geo than the 29er.

  • Sofubi Shogun

    Does anyone know how to contact Brooklyn Machine Works? Both contacts numbers listed on their site are out of service.