Baum Cycles: The Cubano Meets a Bandit Jul 9, 2013



Now, I’m guessing the two newest rides that popped up on the BAUM Flickr today are going to the same owner. This Cubano and Bandit are identical. Both meant for speed at a different scale and both are dream bikes to their respective audience. Wow. The Bandit frame ( 2lb 15oz ) is the only one like it in the world. A true one-of-a-kind race machine. You can read about it here and by now, we all know the Cubano…

See more photos at the Baum Flickr.

  • Jorge Hernandez

    That is one sick bmx bike.

  • Tim

    is micro gearing (25/9 etc.) not run on “racing” bmx bikes because of strength issues? it’s been a staple of freestyle for years, not to mention it lightens up a bike substantially. i can’t imagine there’s any other discipline of cycling that stresses a chain more than snapping off a starting gate again and again…

    • hl

      nobody makes a 3/32″ micro driver. nor can a micro driver fit over the newer thru axles being used. there’s no micro ratio that could fit on the 4 bolt crank arms bolt pattern(chainrings are preferred over sprockets for quick gear ratio changes). chains roll smoother over larger tooth counts.

      but more than anything it’s just a hold over from the pre-cassette hub days.