Auckland’s Silo Sprints Jul 3, 2013



Photos by Steven Usher

The Silo Sprints take place in Auckland, New Zealand. They’re quick, 400m sprints in a section of closed off road. See more photos rad bikes being raced here!

  • Joergen G. Trepp

    Thanks for the post John! Auckland really needs the exposure, lots of fast kids on beautiful bikes down under!

    • Liam

      What the fuck are you talking about 80 percent of people inAuckland call them selves hipster and claim 40km as hauling ass speed…

      • Bryce Lyall

        Come ride some time Liam,

        • Liam

          Would love to, just need to get to Auckland. I’m pretty content with Wellington and Palmy though. The best thing is there is no other cunts like my self riding fixies in Palmy.. I’ll email Prolly some clips of myself riding once we get some filming done. Then we’ll see how full of shit I really am. There is some fucking sick riders in AK though just that 80% of them aren’t.. Chumz in that 2nd photo of this post is hard as nails he’s from Hamilton.

          • alphaecho

            Agree with Andrew, you should stay South of the Bombay hills. Even if Auckland riders are rubbish, at least they have manners, and don’t feel the need to put people down, or write off an arbitrary percentage of riders. Most people who ride bikes, are OK with me.

          • Max

            Liam, name a time and a place and I will tear your legs off. Peace.


          • Liam

            You were one of the riders i though was cool bro. Any messenger is better than me. I was just annoyed that Auckland gets so much attention and shit when there is people just as good if not better in other parts of the country. Respect. I’ll watch my tounge for a few more years.

          • Chill, bro.

          • Max

            Auckland gets attention because this is where things happen. We have T-Whites Bikes who back every race and event and are GC’s, RedBull are up here and help out too, we have guys like The CGK who have been a constant in the scene and are the longest running ‘crew’ in NZ.
            We also have more people riding, with 4 times the amount of people than the next biggest city in NZ it’s no wonder Auckland gets ‘all’ the attention.
            Don’t hate on our riders, we are always just out to have fun. Riders from all over NZ are always welcome up here, whether it be at races, polo or just to hang out and come on our regular rides, we will never fail to show you a good time.

      • Andrew

        Thats right, come and ride some propper hills sometime. We can all have a beer after.
        Joergen, as well as fast with nice bikes you forgot ‘incredably good looking’.

        • Liam

          HAHAHAHA Proper Hills? I’m pretty sure Wellington has steeper hills than Auckland you retard.

          • Andrew

            That is true, Wellington dose have some evil hills. Auckland dose as well though. No need to be a dick. Id rather you didnt come and ride with us now. No time for that.

      • You sound like a cunt and I’m close to banning you. Be calm my son…

        • Liam

          ^Such a calm reply. Ban me I’d be honored.

  • ewenkahryu

    Brilliant, I will get those pics to you right now!

  • Andrew

    On a better note. This was great fun. Cheers Joergen. Have fun in Salt Lake.

  • People need to chill. If you want YOUR city to get some exposure, send me some good photos to post. It’s that simple!


  • lester_perry

    Daaamn, I missed this fixie beef. Lets look at the stats – 5 people in the final – 1 from Hamilton, 1 from Te awamutu, that is 2/5ths from south of the Bombays. If other towns want to get amongst, us Waikato dwellers will travel!
    Im keen to rip some legs off too so name a time and place.

    • Richwalknz

      We didn’t even get an invite. Elitists.

      • lester_perry

        bwahaha. Yes but NO!
        (on another note – Hipster 100, hopefully 19th October!)