About to #GoYonder Jul 15, 2013


Starting today, I’m setting out for a ride in the State of Jefferson with 10 friends. We’ll be taking on 250 miles and 32,000′ of elevation in a 24 hour-ish time period through some of the most remote roads in Oregon and California. It’s a true Brovet… We’re actually beginning the ride on Tuesday, but will be at a remote camp site all day today. Expect a black-out period here on the site until Friday.

That said, I’ll be active on Instagram @JohnProlly as long as I have service and battery life. Follow the happenings via the #GoYonder hashtag, follow @YonderJournal and I’ll see you on Friday!

  • Dan

    would love to see a breakdown of what you carry on a trip like this, sort of like what you did for the 2011 tour

  • D.J. Bolles

    Awesome! Have fun!

  • recurrecur

    You should get an E-werk for you Schmidt – battery life as long as you’re rolling…

    • Patrick Murphy

      I’ve always thought a solar charger strapped to a rack would be cool. Depends on the foliage/clouds tho…

    • Matthew J

      B&M Luxos U is light and USB charger all in one. Mine keeps my phone charged well enough.

  • Alexander Tauras

    Sounds like a most excellent adventure. Looking forward to the report.

  • Jake Ricker

    If you go to Portland without coming to Seattle one more time I’m going to install a bug that will bring your site to it’s knees.

    You have been warned…

  • Ride safe, fella. Looks like you’re gonna earn a few patches!

  • Sean Smith

    Just got back from that area. Have fun and stay safe!

  • Bajuri

    Kagak sekalian aje lo bawa akua galon sob?

  • Joshua Robot

    Have an amazing ride, post the route when you’re done please.

  • Sam

    What kind of tires are you running?

  • Victor_Tvrdy

    btw what happened to your brooks?