A Day in 10 Photos: 07.12.2013

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been really wanting to bring back A Day in 10 Photos but part of that is contingent upon me carrying a camera everywhere I go. Sometimes, having a DSLR or a rangefinder is great but more often than not, I just want something pocket-sized. My Yashica T4 has seen plenty of use over the years but I wanted a “no care camera”. One that I can get an insurance package for and not give a shit about.

After extensive research, countless reviews and multiple trips to the camera store, I walked into my local shop, Precision Camera and bought the Sony RX100. I haven’t had a digital point and shoot camera since this blog first started back in 2006, so it’s kind of a novelty. I don’t want this post to be a review of it just yet, because I haven’t used it enough to really offer any insight. End introduction…

Today I woke with the sun, met some friends at a coffee shop and rolled out to one of my favorite rides: Crumley Ranch Road. 60 miles, 4,000′ of elevation and a great way to log miles and burn calories. Ben, Josh, Carl and I all vibed really well the whole ride and then went about our business the rest of the day*.

This set is lacking a few more photos to complete the story but everything is a learning process. Check out some narrated photos in the Gallery!

*in reality, the last three photos are from last night, when I first got the RX100, but you’ll let that slide right?

  • ZianStudios

    I’m looking forward to the review. I’ve been looking for a good portable digital, that’s not too serious.

  • beetard


    • Ian Stone

      The vibes are strong on this ride

  • mattbwhite

    damn, classic example of photographer vs camera. The operator always prevails, sexy for a point and shoot and the content wins always

    • Harry

      Thats true but the RX100 is not just a mere point and shoot like the ones your parents use…These new generation ones have IQ on par with most DSLR’s these days.

      • Yep. But it’s a point and shoot! Technology is catching up.

        • Ian Stone

          I’ve been debating over these new P&S camera for awhile. I have my T4 and D80, but feel like neither of them fill the gap I need when I go places. Sounds like something I need. Looking forward to the full review!

      • OdaOnmura

        I use a RX100 myself. What I like about it: sharp lenses (German engineering!), low noise, sensitive sensor, easy operation yet powerful, motorized cover for glass. What I don’t like: using the display in the sun, fiddling in the usb connector. Toughest contender for the jersey is my iPhone that I carry anyways.

        • I never use the USB connector. I remove the card and battery…

  • kasual

    gotta stop to smoke a bowl

    • Dugout!

      • Ian Stone

        I think most people still refer to it as smoking a bowl wheather it be a pipe, dugout or chillum.

  • Rex Lombardi

    lol first burn and then get sweets? I´m very much looking forward to your review. need a compact one to carry too!

  • Davey Struthers

    first stop, blaze point

  • Jamie McKeon

    Yes! I’ve been trying to figure out which P+S camera to get, this helps greatly.

  • Erica Stevens

    “Kenny Hale Door Man” ..what bar was this picture taken at?

  • Andrew Eather

    Love a pipe on a ride, increases my ability to suffer cheerfuly.