A Brooklyn Machine Works 29’r Hardtail? Jul 30, 2013


I swung by Brooklyn Machine Works yesterday to see what Joe had been up to when he greeted me with two new BMW models: a 29’r and a 650B hardtail MTB. Both are made in the USA, right in Brooklyn, are helllllla affordable (under $800 for the frame) and are made from True Temper Supertherm. They’re within 9oz of each other’s weight, mostly because the 650B has a tapered head tube but they’re pretty light! Here’s a really simple photo of the ‘niner and I’ll be returning today to do a more in-depth story on the bike.

The first run sold out before anyone even knew about them (myself included) but I’ll definitely be picking one of these up when the next run is done!

  • dkimrey

    How was the tire clearance? ebb option?

    • Charles Southgate

      Those Ardents are more than likely 2.4s – if you are running any larger on a 29er you have a different set of needs…

      • dkimrey

        was more curious of what the clearance of the 2.4’s was like, depending on what width rim you decide to run.

        • Sean Curran

          Judging by the tire to ST clearance, it looks like they wanted a pretty tight rear end, so I wouldn’t expect much. Honestly though, the 2.25 is really nice for any type of riding, I run that over the 2.4 in the rear. It does look like it has a horizonatal dropout though, so you might be able to pull it back a bit if it gets wider around that part.

  • mike_glover

    how does anyone find out about these bikes? bmw has not updated their site or blog or facebook in years

  • Sean Curran

    This is my type of niner, maybe even more interested in the 650B. Always had a thing for brooklyns, especially when I wanted a race-link.

  • Devin Jones

    Needs a rigid fork and it’d be money!

  • btdubs

    Please get some nice shots of the 650b! maybe one next to the 29er for comparison…

  • White Mike

    Why no tapered steerer on the 9er?

    • Weight. The Paragon head tubes are 9oz’s heavier than the standard, even when you factor in the weight of the Chris King NoThreadset.

  • Finn E Zygowski

    i want dis.