WRAHW Welcomes Colin Foster and Bids Adieu Jun 12, 2013

I simply love what Torey has done with Wrahw over the past few years. He’s established a family of riders that are all like-minded and ride with a similar style, the latest being Colin Foster. Colin’s riding in Baltimore and NYC is far from what you’d call the norm in FGFS today. Unfortunately, this will be the last Wrahw project, as released this statement with the video:

“fter four years of weird fun it is time for WRAHW to come to a close. This project has grown to a level way beyond my expectations and I am highly thankful for that, but it is time to move on. I really appreciate all the friends and family of ours that have been down since the beginning, and anyone who has helped support us in any and all ways. Thanks a lot. Stay wild.”

  • I’m really going to miss Witchtapes :(
    This clip was great too.

  • mat Terwilliger

    Tory is and has always been awesome to me….unique..dudes got heart…looking forward to anything he does.