Wolfpack Hustle CVCCTR Crit Video Jun 26, 2013

Here’s the first edit video recap I’ve seen of the Wolfpack Hustle CVCCTR crit and it probably won’t be the last…

  • Mehdi Farsi

    wait for ours :D

  • Tony McCue

    Looks like a great event. That frame rate though.. makes me dizzy

    • Crihs

      def needed a tripod. almost got sea sick.

  • #noslomo

  • Rafael Hernandez

    just posted mine here


  • Anj

    Sad to see the cool fixie hipster sub culture get sucked into doing your typical roadie race. Even putting on spandex and helmets. What a sell out!!!!

    • Most of these guys still race alleycats and ride their track bikes in the streets. There’s nothing wrong with some competition here and there… Besides, I don’t think they’re losing sleep over “selling out” to some kid they’ve never met…. ;-)

      • Anj

        I guess I over reacted, I just see so many spandex riders around it just bugged me seeing fixie riders dressed the same in the race video. But you are right, nothing wrong with a little competition. Let’s get a friendly race between roadies and fixie riders. That would be a fun event don’t you think?