What Shoes are Those? Jun 24, 2013

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I know I’ve plugged the Giro Privateer shoes numerous times on the site before and yet I continue to get emails from people asking what shoes I wear on my cross and mountain bike. These days, I travel exclusively with my Mudville cross bike. For road rides, I bring Jack Brown tires, for dirt, I bring Grifos. Spending serious saddle time in shoes will either make or break your relationship with them but spending a lot of time on the road in MTB shoes is sure to test their comfort.

In dirt, you tend to move around a lot more, stop, hike and the time you spend actually sitting and climbing is limited. At least in my experience anyway. Especially when I come to California, I find myself climbing mountains on my cross bike, in these shoes. People often comment on how they hate riding road in mountain shoes and I used to hate it as well but then I got the Giro Privateers. I’ve been amazed at how comfortable they are, at such an affordable pricepoint. They also come in HV, or “high volume” for wider feet.

This isn’t a “paid advert”, this is just me sharing with you something that I use a lot more than I anticipated…

  • btdubs

    I love the Giro Code shoes. They’re like the privateer but with an EC90 sole. As stiff as a road shoe, but super comfy for long rides. But I still prefer my road shoes for road biking just because mountain pedals have too much damn float.

  • betterwithpesto

    Been looking for a wider biking shoe, thanks for the rec.

  • recurrecur

    Love these shoes. I just toured for 2 months in them.
    I agree that I don’t miss road shoes when wearing these.

  • Jordan Freymiller

    love that you have to specify now “this isn’t a “paid advert” ”
    should cut down on a few snarky comments

  • hurricane_josh

    under the “what shoes are those?” theme.. anyone know the model of sidi dominatoresque MTB shoes that were released circa 2006, all matte black?

  • Eric Voegeli

    I have a pair of these and they have become my go to shoe since December. I even changed out the pedals on my road bike so I could use them whenever I ride.

  • Thomas David Slater

    Love these, actually my first clipless shoe but have been using them for all kinds of riding, even track!

  • One Eyed z

    Agreed. I made the switch to Giro shoes not long ago myself. Started with the Guage shoes with the EC70 carbon sole and was surprised how stiff they were compared to carbon sole shoes I’d previously had. Too stiff actually & a touch too small. So I upped my size and switched to the Privateers (in white, natch!) and couldn’t be happier.

  • Great shoes… awful insoles. Nothing Dr. Scholls can’t fix.
    I use them on a MTB, track bike, and even the pedicab. Might switch to something with a stiffer sole in the future though like the “Code” shoes have.

    • Sean Curran

      check out the superfeet yellow insoles, my feet have been much better since replacing the cruddy spec. ones.

  • purplefixie

    How do Giro shoes compare to regular SIDI’s in terms of width? i find my current sidi’s to be too narrow and their mega version way to wide. My dad’s old shimano road shoes are fine.

  • James

    Privateers are really great shoes. Long mixed mu rides to hike a bike scenarios no problem. Add some spikes if CX racing is your thing.

  • Privateers are my daily shoe. Road and MTN. Legit.

  • aeriolabehaviour

    Funny you say that about tires… I use Grifos too, for both dirt and road (not excellent road, but pavement nonetheless) and I feel they perform very nicely on asphalt, meaning: I don’t feel the need to swap them for slick-like ‘demi ballon’ tires for when I am about to ride 100% asphalt… perhaps you should try Fangos?

  • jc

    what pedals are you using with those privateers?