We Are VeloVie Jun 29, 2013

For those who can’t afford a custom bike, or a complete from the big names, the founders of State Bicycle Co have started a road bike company called VeloVie.

  • Joshua Robot

    It seems crazy that no other large retailer (that I am aware of) has offered basic fit options like handlebar width, stem length, crank length, etc. Nice bike shops will swap out parts for you but it’s a pain to deal with on their part.

    Maybe the big names will take note?

  • Davis Yarbrough

    I’ve been riding a VeloVie vitesse 300 since 2009. It’s been really good to me. Last year I needed a replacement derailleur hanger and their customer service took pretty good care of me, as well.

  • humidbeing

    base level tarmac is 1750. Just saying…….

    • TonyWonder

      With what components though? You can get a FULL apex Velo Vie for $1799.

      The Vitesse 400 may very well be my next frame. Wish I could get out to AZ to test ride.

  • catdrew

    I am surprised that this website, of all websites would support a discount catalogue carbon frame company. At least with the Tarmac one supports American engineering, versus no engineering at all.

    • I get critiqued for only posting high-end, custom frames all the time. All I’m trying to do is sharing information that will apply to readers who can’t afford a multi-thousand dollar custom road bike. The way I look at it, getting people on bikes is most important.

      People are going to buy online no matter what. I can say “support your local shop / builder / swap” until I’m blue in the face.

      I would rather someone do that but truth of the matter is, people are going to do whatever they want.

      Critique me if you will but at least understand both sides of the coin.

  • These seem perfect for crit racers. Save the nice bike for the weekend, thrash one of these on race day.