Sizemore Bicycle: Kelsey’s Road Jun 11, 2013


Deciding on a custom frame for your significant other can be a bit of an ordeal. Lauren and I talked about her bike for what seemed like an eternity, so I can’t imagine what it’s like to physically build a bike for your spouse. Taylor Sizemore did just that. His wife Kelsey is a purist when it comes to road bikes. She likes traditional geometries, clearances and lugged aesthetics, so convincing her that a tig welded frame that would clear 28c tires was the way to go on this ride took some time. The bike looks great and Taylor did a stellar job documenting it. See for yourself below!










  • Evan

    The colored shapes are really annoying.

    • TaylorSizemore

      They get in the way riding too. Bad idea.

  • grayson

    I dig it. The blue details are just right. I would have layered the shapes (in photoshop) behind the bike though. But it gives the look a 90s vibe that goes well with the threaded stem and groupset. What kind of tubing?

    • TaylorSizemore

      Layering was the original plan, but I like how they looked like this so I left em.
      It’s columbus SL, the best.

  • Rogan

    Anyone know what tyres those are?

    • Joe

      Jack Browns or Roll-y Pol-ys I think… (
      Never ridden them but they look cool.

      • Rogan

        pricey! jesus!

        • They are totally fucking worth it. I have yet to flat on mine.

          • Harry Major

            According to rolling resistance tests (see Bicycle Quaterly) they are some of the slowest tyres around. Better off going for Panaracer Pasaelas or Grande Bois tyres if youre after larger volume gum walls.

          • I don’t care about rolling resistance tests. Those tires fucking rule. I rode them exclusively in China and Australia with zero issues and they corner a lot better than a Pasela.

          • Harry Major

            The differences is speed between tyres is really quite drastic. I agree thats this isn’t always the most important thing, but for me when its not the most important thing I go schwable. But horses for course, the most important thing is always to ride what you like :)

          • TaylorSizemore

            They felt fast to me. After switching from vittoria open corsa evo’s. Not as fast but still decent. Bicycle Quarterly can be wack sometimes.

          • They fucking reviewed the “best tires” and three of which you can’t even buy and the differences between the rest were so minute that it wouldn’t matter outside a controlled environment. That shit is hysterical.

      • TaylorSizemore

        They are actually the Ruffy tuffy. Distributer was out of roly poly’s…