Site Improvement: Flip Through Featured Post Navigation Arrows Jun 6, 2013


A new feature that’s now implemented on the site are the two navigation arrows in the “Featured” post header. You can now flip through a selection of the most recently Featured galleries. You can still swipe that header on any iOS device (you may need to reset your browser’s cache if it’s giving you trouble).

It’s the little things…

  • Jamie McKeon

    at the moment it is bugging for me, latest version of firefox

  • robritz

    Also buggy in Chrome 27.0.1453.93 on OS 10.7.5. The slides don’t advance when clicked. Doesn’t seem to be throwing any errors.

    • robritz

      It’s working now. Maybe a conflict with javascript from an ad?

      • Ads aren’t Java. Your cache was reset most likely.

        • robritz

          Makes sense!

    • You might have to reset cache…

  • Wasn’t working in the latest Chrome, but I opened an Incognito window (no caching) and it works well. Nice feature.