SF Mark Your Calendars: Mission Workshop Presents “The Ends” A Photo Show Jun 6, 2013


My trip to China with Mission Workshop and Factory 5 was amazing on so many levels. With so much stimuli, it’s still difficult for me to convey what it was like to ride a bike there but that’s where this photo show steps in. “The Ends” is more than a photo show, it’s a collection of moments captured while pedaling through some of the most unique landscapes I’ve ever been to.

On Saturday, June 15th, I’m displaying a selection of my film photos from my two weeks in China. There will be a run of softcover books, as well as a few prints of the above photo for sale. Come early, stay late. More details to follow…

June 15th 6-10pm
Mission Workshop
40 Rondel Place
San Francisco, CA

See ya there!

  • quesofrito

    rad dude. congrats. wish i could be there.

  • Damn! I leave the day before to go back to ATL. Do you arrive earlier?

  • Tom Souzer

    awesome man, anyway for people who don’t live in cali to cop the book?

  • Jamie McKeon

    damn that photo is gnarly, right out of some post apoc stuff

  • Jeff Liu

    John had poop cleats after this photo… haha

  • Awesome photo! Can’t wait to get my hands on the book :)

  • aebex

    Any chance that you’re bringing this collection to NYC John?