Samson K Hatae: Wolfpack Hustle’s CVCCTR Crit Photos Jun 25, 2013




Photos by Samson K Hatae

Out of all the documentation I’ve seen from the Wolfpack Hustle CVCCTR criterium event last Sunday, Samson’s are by far the most diverse and the best representation of the event. I feel like I was there and obviously, I wasn’t.

Check out all of Samson’s photos at his photography blog.

  • Rolf

    Anybody know what glasses they are wearing with clear lenses? Ive been looking for a solution for day and night rides. I want something that allows for easy lens swap. Any help appreciated.

    • Some wear Oakley Jawbones and Oakley Radars. Both allow for interchangeable lenses.

      • Jorge Hernandez

        Radars are by far the best sport sunglasses! Don’t even try others….Once you’ve used Radars, you’ll be hooked!

        The downside on Jawbones is that because they are closed framed, they tend to trap sweat on the lower part of the rim…

        I believe the pink glasses the cadence guy is wearing are Rudy Project ones…not very sure.

  • Great pictures, great event. That dude got EVERYWHERE!

  • that last shot of Walton heading to the finish is probably one of my favorite photos of the year so far. it was a fun event, John. you shoulda stopped by.