Peter Sagan Has Bike Control Jun 22, 2013

Sure, you can be fast and you can be compared to Eddy Merckx but can you do this? Sagan keeps it rad. Thanks to Mike for sending this over last night. I would have put it up earlier, but I was having quite the rad day myself.

  • schue113

    I too park my $8000 Super Six EVO on my new Citroen hatchback in a similar fashion. Only I demand Ke$ha be played while videotaping me. Is it just me or does anyone else get kind of a creepy vibe from the guy? Merckx was closed off and made people wonder. Sagan just seems… well c’mon the autograph and podium situations are just awkward.

    • He’s just keeping it weird.

      • Jim Mckee

        What is even more impressive is that he changes from cleats to sneakers and back to cleats while on the roof!! Wow.

        • nah, he’s in cleats the whole time. Notice how they say “SIDI” in every frame?

          • Jim Mckee

            On closer inspection I agree, you are right.

    • mike.m.

      nice racist stereotype. well done. racist.

  • Feral

    Puzzling to see that he seems to just roll up, when coming wheelying onto the hood.

    There should be a strong impulsion to clear the transition from tarmac to hood.

    I wouldn’t clear that anyway, even with a ramp

    • It’s a pretty common trials move.

      • Feral

        If you look closely at the shape of the hood,
        to roll on it smootly from tarmac he’s got to go at least 2 feet up,
        there is no extension in his legs,
        he just seems to suck in a slight bump.

        Hence my thoughts of a ramp.
        Plus the video is edited when he is on the roof,
        no way he can dismount+put the bike in the rails that fast, on a slippery surface whith cleats on.

        • It’s a conspiracy. There are no shadows either!