New York #CitiBike Jun 10, 2013

This is the only piece of journalism regarding New York City’s new CitiBike program worth the watch. Idiots exist on both sides of the fence and Jon Stewart goes a great job once again presenting this well-overblown story. Also, “Keep it up, keep that bitch in the air, keep that bitch in the air, yea, there you go, that’s how you do a CitiBike”.

I will say this: Gage + DeSoto hit it on the head:

  • Welcome to the 21st century, where comedians provide the only news unaffected by propaganda.
    The Kubrick joke was good.

  • …ladies

  • Ian Stone

    I rode one last night for the first time. I was disappointed to see no tools or air pumps near the rental racks. Also, the seats are so far forward it’s impossible to ride for more than a mile or two.

    • I’ve ridden a few different bike share setups. All are uncomfortable because we’re cyclists and we have preferences. Most people using these bikes are getting into urban riding and they don’t have those preferences yet…

      • Ian Stone

        Which makes sense. I just think they could’ve integrated some kind of front to back adjustment rail. The overall experience wasn’t bad though.

        • Yeah, I think the general consensus is “more moving parts =
          more maintenance”

  • No. 22_Bryce

    I’m quite unfamiliar w/ getting around NYC – but in 2 days on Citibikes I managed to get to: Williamsburg, Navy Yards for the Red Hook (twice), SoHo, Madison Square Park, all around lower Manhattan, Roosevelt Island, etc., etc. all for $20 bucks.

    The best part? Taking in the city and getting a better ‘lay of the land’ as opposed to going underground or melting in the backseat of a cab in gridlock.

    Yeah, there are some kinks to work out, mainly with the software at the docking stations – but I’ll definitely count on it for future visits.

    Here’s to an accessible outlet for getting more people on bikes.

  • Jake Ricker

    Absolute perfection!

  • theboucher


  • chris wielk

    They filmed that in front of my store. I’ve watched the whole thing unfold in the west village and they nailed how ridiculous the reactions are on both sides!

  • Sean Curran

    This is awesome. Citi Bike Freestyle is the next FGFS!

  • zeeeeeeecore

    sooo good!