Mission Workshop: The Ends – Video Trailer Jun 12, 2013

Here’s a video trailer promoting a series of webisodes that Mission Workshop is working on with the Werehaus, showcasing our bike tour in China:

“Setting out from Shanghai, John Watson and Mission Workshop began their cycling tour of China’s Yangtze River Delta. Using both film and digital formats, Watson photographed the surroundings and encounters with the local community. Led by their friends from Factory Five, they headed into a frenetic network of massive residential complexes, large industrial parks, and super highways. At first glance, the route seemed straightforward, however, the reality of the 1,000km trip was far more intense than anyone expected.”

Keep on top of The Ends at Mission Workshop and please come to the opening party, let’s hang out!

  • Ryan Combdon

    Well Done! Can’t wait to the webisodes. Has any thought gone into releasing a BluRay comp after all the webisodes have been released. I’d buy it, even after seeing the episodes online.

    • Maybe we’ll do an ISO file people can burn?

      • Ryan Combdon

        Even Better!

      • I could help with that. Can’t wait for my copy of the book :)

  • Richard Watkinson

    Hey, book looks really interesting, is there a plan to release a purchasable digital copy? I’m in the UK and postage is too expensive to justify the hard copy.. Alternatively, will any be imported and sold here?

  • mat Terwilliger


  • Holler_Atcha_Soy

    psh, i used that track a year ago in Code Red … biters ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIBgWI_BTyM&feature=youtu.be&t=5m20s

    • CSB

      • Holler_Atcha_Soy

        Hush John, I’m trying to get another million views on my movie. Controversy = hitcount!