Mash SF: Matt Shapiro Jun 18, 2013

Matt’s just providing jobs for construction workers here. This is too good! Nice one Mash.

  • Jake Ricker

    Absolute perfection.

  • Justin

    with messy marv..hah

  • Richard Smith

    Wow what a fucking prick

  • David

    That’s sooo cool, I wish I could knock down cones…..A another reason to make us cyclists look bad!

    • You’ve gotta be kidding me.

      • jon john

        I’d actually say cyclists who don’t follow the law make all cyclists look bad to pedestrians, drivers and the law makers who can very easily make cycling more accessible to less accessible in whatever city. And worse than making cyclists look bad it’s just straight up not safe. I ride everyday. I’m sick of jack asses on bikes who think they’re so wild, crazy and superior putting my life at risk.

        Prolly, I’m not sure why you support lawless schmuks.

        • Don’t ever jaywalk again.

          • jon john

            I don’t jaywalk. At all. I’m sure you’ve been to cities around the world that actually respect traffic laws. It’s amazing. I was in Tokyo last year, and as congested as some parts are, no matter how many people were waiting to cross the street, even if no cars were coming, they would wait until they had the light. Simply amazing. Much better than here in NYC where too many drivers, riders and walkers are in some race to get somewhere even if it means putting each other or ourselves at risk. I’m all for anarchy, but anarchy done thoughtfully considers how the actions of the individual impact the others.

          • Wisdom Accrues

            Too bad Japan also has some of the highest rates of suicide in the world, maybe knocking over a few cones and a little jay walking is just what they need.

        • Jake Ricker

          Fuck laws brah!

          The only problem with this video is he missed a cone near the end.
          Redo this shit Mike!
          Try not to half ass it next time… :)

      • David

        John, read Jon’s response this might answer your question

  • erick

    Great, now cyclists have have to deal with some pissed off motorist who’ll tell us about another cyclist they saw knocking over a bunch of cones. Thanks, MASH!

    • Wahhhhhh

      • Jordan Freymiller

        it could though…
        if this is “REAL” and i’m not saying it is or isn’t, you’ve clearly never worked for a large construction company private or government. I have 12 years and i can tell you this gets cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, etc hurt and companies sued for more than you can imagine by hurt victims. I do ride a lot but i ONLY care because of my trade, traffic control classes, safety orientations, etc… i know what happens more than you think on the other side of things

  • jon john

    Is he also going the wrong way in the the bike lane?

    I hate selfish cyclists.

    • no, he’s cutting through a construction zone to merge over onto the right lane because CalTrans doesn’t think of cyclists along every road.

      • Evan

        …Theres a bike lane going his direction on the other side of the street on that stretch of road.

  • I think ya’ll just got trolled :-D

  • itjustainthappening

    I hate how people think that every single person should be a spokesperson for the rest of the bike community. Let the kid live.

  • arg

    what a douche.

  • mat Terwilliger

    Why do people ride that frame with risers? I see so many kooks with the fisher price my first track bike… mash w/ risers…

    • maximus_sf

      nothing wrong with risers on a track bike…whatever makes you comfortable….just consider that hes probably a lot faster than you regardless of his bar choice

      • mat Terwilliger

        Maximus_jock please calm down and read the question again…that frame..that frames geo…I am aware of the many advantages of a riser bar and ones comfort.

        • maximus_sf

          lol @ maximus_jock

        • Traditionally low pros all were ridden with bullhorns, not track drops. So I guess risers are better than bullhorns / pursuit bars.

          • mat Terwilliger

            Thanks professor Watson! …I’m not speaking of this gentleman in sure he’s *____(*insert your favorite verb or adjective.)….just soooo many dudes come by the shop w/ that frame*..*bought online…and instantly ask for risers…then 2 days later ask for the fork 2 be drilled..hahaha…

  • I laughed so hard. Cornfed approves, love these guys.

  • Majaco

    Missed one

  • Mark Steffen

    Ride the bars you like to ride. Knock over cones if you want to. Do what you want.

    • You know. I hear the nazis also knocked over cones…. You can’t let people get away with cone knockage….

      • Mark Steffen

        Patiently awaiting people to not understand sarcasm.

  • Jorge Hernandez

    Yeah, badass and shit….but, doesn’t this make US other cyclists look like a bunch of cunts?

  • Raymond Walker

    I approve of this vid, as even cyclist dudes in small towns gotta deal with outta-touch construction bs anytime I’m on a bicycle 24/7/365 it never ends.

  • Themis Antoniadis

    So hardcore.

  • Jamie McKeon

    never read the comments again

  • AB

    This is just dumb. It’s like that trend, “galloning”. It is just dumb.

  • Sneakerguru562

    I don’t see anything wrong here….just a guy having fun on his bike….and he’s wearing a helmet!!!

  • Adam Carter

    i’m late to the party, but this is fucking hilarious. the song: just icing on the cake. *chef kissy fingers*