I Can’t Wait to Check out Cycles d’Autremont Jun 7, 2013

Cycles d’Autremont-02

There are few builders out there who have mastered the art of documenting their process. Need examples? Click on the Frame Builders tag… Cycles d’Autremont is one of those builders and while there isn’t a whole lot from this Burlington, Vermont craftsman on the site, I hope to swing by their shop when I’m in Burlington for the JDRF ride in July.

It doesn’t take much to sell a client on your product. A few photos of your work environment, some macro shots of your in-process lugs, or even a full-blown phototorial on why you prefer to make and modify your own lugs can do wonders for your client base.

If you flip through Cycles d’Autremont’s Flickr, you’ll find everything from a clean cross bike, to a rigid MTB fresh from paint, to a porteur to a dirty cross bike. With all this eye candy, it’s still hard for me to not fixate on their killer headbadge.

Hell, I don’t even think my shop visit photos would come close to Hubert’s own! We’ll see I suppose…

  • Hubert d’Autremont

    I know it’s a month earlier, but if you want a real good thrashing, VT style, come up on June 28th for the second annual Irreverent Road Ride
    I look forward to showing you around.


  • Liam Griffin

    Your “to do” list in VT is getting longer. How many days do you have planned up this way?