Get Rad This Weekend Jun 28, 2013




Photos by Kyle Kelley

“Plenty of Action But No Control” is right. I’m off the bike for a few days after taking a spill on my MTB. Hey, not everyone can have the bike control of Ty. Anyway, if you haven’t noticed, it’s the weekend. That means you better be hitting the roads, trails, dirt, springs and bourbon. Thanks for the inspiration Kyle!

… and are you still following @Tytanium on Instagram? He’s well into the Ride Divide!

  • Tim

    i get to hit the roads for the first time in a month and a half this wknd! torn knee ligaments are no joke! speedy recovery to you.

  • kyproud

    Nice choice on the bourbon!

    I live and bike in bourbon country (Kentucky) — nothing beats a pleasant afternoon ride through the countryside from one distillery to another.