Gage + DeSoto Likes it Hot Jun 19, 2013


Spicy hot. SOLD OUT

  • Evan

    These have been sold out for a year.

    • disqus_KZD2FBYTyQ

      until the sneaky sale today

    • Nope. They restocked this morning…

  • Kɐspǝr

    nooooooooooo missed again

  • btdubs


  • Dan Gilormo

    Yesss, I ordered two…

    • Matt Edwards

      So jelly.

  • missed out once again. bummer

  • Hurtin’ Albertan

    I need some sort of text alert. Damn I want one of these.

    • Ian Stone

      PINP text alert service needs to happen! We want our goods dammit!

  • freyder

    does anyone has one bottle left for me?