Dan Chabanov’s Highstreet Compact Prototype Track Jun 8, 2013


Dan posted this photo up on his Tumblr earlier today. It’s of the new Stanridge Speed prototype track frame. Adam and Dan worked together on what I would call a much more practical geometry. The early name for this prototype is the “Highstreet Compact”. We’ll see if that one sticks. Personally, I’m more into compact lines on a track bike, rather than a low pro and this bike looks like a beast. We’ll see how it performs tonight at the Red Hook Crit Navy Yard!

  • FF

    It probably performs as well as a LOW or similar ridden by the same rider.

    • AdamEldridge

      This is constructed of proprietary Columbus steel tubing. Quite a bit different than an Al LOW.

  • sam phan

    what wheels are those? possibly same company just different weaves?

    • AdamEldridge

      The whole thing is a frankenbike, read: A racers bike. No pink anno components.

  • brosef

    very diffrent from a LOW negative geometry is a gimmick these days… this my friends is where road geometry meets tark setups…very nice setup!!!

  • Mau Franco

    What chainring is that?????? Please help