The Ends Photography Show Online

Couldn’t make it out to the opening party of The Ends at Mission Workshop? No big deal, yesterday I shot some photos of the pieces and they’re all displayed in the Gallery. At this point, I’m exhausted from this whole process of going through 800 drum-scanned photos and narrowing a selection down to around 30 photos. The theme is apparent here, if you take the time to soak it all in and I’ll be posting more about The Ends over the next few weeks…

This show will travel to Eurobike and Paris later this summer, as well as Interbike. We’re still trying to figure out what pieces will be displayed where, but in the meantime, the photography book is available at Mission Workshop. Also, you can contact Mission Workshop if you’re interesting in purchasing one of these handmade, high-quality photographic prints on Fuji paper.

  • James Bolton

    Next trip, North Korea?

  • Sean Curran

    these photos look really really good, gonna need to pick up that book.

  • marco primo

    I wish I could have seen these in person. Beautiful photos. Some seem to have a bit of an Edward Burtynsky feel about them (in the best possible way)

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    Nice man! Congrats and thanks for the gallery

  • Spencer Olinek

    I emailed them to ask about buying a print and never heard back.